WhatsApp Without SIM or Phone Number in 2020

How to use WhatsApp Without SIM or Phone Number?: If you want to use Whatsapp Without SIM or Phone Number then you are in the right place. Techusurf Team tells you the Best Methods to Use WhatsApp without Using your Personal telephone number or SIM Card. Create a WhatsApp Account with Fake Mobile Number. it had been believed that WhatsApp, which is among the foremost used apps within the world, couldn’t be used without a SIM card or telephone number, that’s completely wrong. This Methods work in any Device Doesn’t Matter which Operating System using you are.

WhatsApp Without SIM or Phone Number in 2020

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In light of this and more simple words, let it’s an iPad, iPhone, PC, Android tablet, or the other sort of device that owns the potential to run WhatsApp are going to be ready to face these tricks nicely and faultlessly. So, without washing any time Lets jump into the main point.

1.First Install Whatsapp On Your Device

Using the Text Now App. The first and maybe the only way is to download and install the messaging app called Text Now, this app allows the user to get a singular telephone number which, of course, later are often wont to verify the WhatsApp account within the beginning.

2. Procedure to use Text Now App to verify WhatsApp
Download Text Now App in your device

For Android:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for Text Now app within the Google Play store.
  • Tap on Install, and it’s done.

WhatsApp Without SIM or Phone Number in 2020


For iOS:

  • Open the App Store.
  • Search for Text Now app within the App Store.
  • Tap on getting, use your fingerprint or password to permit the download, and it’s done. text now for WhatsApp

However, for the people that are using WhatsApp on PC, they will download or open an Android emulator and look for Text Now in it.

3. Open the Text Now App and write your telephone number:

After downloading and installing the Text Now App in your device, it’s time to open it up and complete the Setup process.

After completing the standard setup process, to urge your telephone number from the Text Now app, tap on the 3-line icon located on the highest left corner of your device, and you’ll see your number.

4. Open the WhatsApp and verify your number:

Once you noted down your telephone number, it’s time to place it up within the setup process of WhatsApp.Procedure to line up WhatsApp using the Text Now telephone number

5. Enter your Text Now number within the setup process of your WhatsApp:

Once you’re all through with the terms and conditions section, you’ll be requested to put the amount following the country choice. We encourage you to place up the Text Now generated number, alongside the country choice.

6. Wait for Verification fail via message:

Yes, you read it right. await a minimum of 5 minutes, in order that SMS verification fails to authenticate. Once done, click on the decision Me button to receive an automatic call from WhatsApp.

7. devour the decision and obtain your WhatsApp verified:

Open the Text Now App and answer the decision you would possibly be having there. Please, write the verification number repeated by an automatic message numerous times. Then, at last, enter the verification code and complete the setup process.

So, finally You created a WhatsApp account without a telephone number.


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