Hotspot connected but no internet access on Android [Problem Fix]

How to fix Moblie Hotspot connected but no internet access on Andriod: Android is the most popular Operating system In the world and it’s a Smartphone But its true that smartphones aren’t smart without internet access. Android User Increasing day by day.

Top Level Smart Phone Brand Using These Os One issues is common in these android devices to be it from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Micromax or the other brand which is at some point we see these devices connected to wifi but couldn’t hook up with the internet. Below we Describe You 6 way to how to fix Hotspot connected but no internet access on Android Problem?

Method 1- Update Your Phone:

Sometimes wifi hotspot comes to a new update, this is another reason for no internet access so, Update your phone and Router date and time to match the internet provider date and time to see if all three are in Sync.

Method 2 – Turn ON & OFF Airplane Mode:

This is one of the foremost suitable and dealing solutions for many of the users. All you would like is to show ON the airplane mode until signals are gone and switch it OFF. For Airplane mode, Mobile Adapter will reset mobile signals. The ON & OFF action will quickly restart the adapter to form the mobile data working.Follow these steps for Airplane Mode:

  • Step-1: Pull-down the notification drawer
  • Step-2: Lookup for Airplane icon
  • Step-3: Tap the Airplane mode for active it and wait until you see no mobile signals
  • Step-4: Now tap again Airplane mode icon to deactivate offline mode
  • Step-5: As I discussed, this first solution itself will help in resolving the difficulty with hotspot connection no internet access.

Method 3 – APN Settings:

  • Step-1: Open Settings
  • Step-2: Go to APN
  • Step-3: Select correct Sim and Network
  • Step-4: Find APN Type
  • Step-5: Add, dun (incl comma with no spaces) to the existing setting. Mine, for example, is now default,supl,dun.

Method 4- Change WiFi Setting:

  • Step-1: Navigate to Settings > Wifi > Long select on your Wifi Network to ascertain Modify Network Option
  • Step-2: Select Modify Network option
  • Step-3: Enter password
  • Step-4: Check Show Advance option
  • Step-5: Scroll right down to view advance options that must be available by now.
  • Step-6: Change IP Settings from DHCP to static IP Address: most likely your Gateway address are going to be change your IP Address my changing last digit during this address use any value preferably between 2 to twenty. Change DNS1 to eight.8.8.8, Change DNS2 to eight .8.4.4
  • Step-7: Save these settings.
  • Step-8: Login into your wifi network if required, your device should be ready to hook up with the internet by now.

Method 5- Reset Router and Wifi Network:

  • Step-1: Navigate to Settings > Wifi > Long select on your Wifi Network to ascertain Forget Network Option
  • Step-2: Select Forget Network
  • Step-3: cut your router and wait 10-15 seconds before restarting it.
  • Step-4: Restart your Wifi router
  • Step-5: Reboot your phone
  • Step-6: look for your Wifi Network in available Network lists.
  • Step-7: hook up with your network and check if the device is connected to the internet or not.
  • Step-8: If you’re connected to the internet by now then you’re done else perform Step-2 to Step-8 from Method-1.

Method 6- Use wifi Fixer App:

If none of the above methods works then download any Wifi issue Fixing application like WiFi Fixer. This application will analyze and resolve issues if your device is connected to wifi but unable to attach to the internet.

Final Thought:

We Described you 6 Method For how to fix this problem one among these methods works for you to resolve this issue. Allow us to know if these methods don’t work for you through the comment section below or by visiting the contact us page. Techusurf Team will try to fix your problem 🙂



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